About Us

Here at AETALA Hair and Beauty we have one mission only: provide our customers with top of the line hair care products and tools that are made with only the highest quality materials and ingredients.

How often do you brush or comb your hair? A LOT! How about straighten or curl your hair? We'd guess pretty often. So many hair brushes, combs, and other hair tools out there are made with cheap plastics, lined with chemicals, and are just overall yuck! We strive to use phthalate-free, eco-friendly, and non-toxic materials whenever possible. Natural bamboo, premium ceramics, and cruelty-free sourced boar bristles are just some of the materials we use in our lineup. 

Whether you choose us or not, we encourage everyone to make smart decisions, and be aware of the kinds of materials you're using on your hair on a daily basis. At the end of the day, all we ask is for you to take care of your body. And of course, we are always here to help!